Vardegrundsdelegationen in English

Värdegrundsdelegationen was previously a Swedish delegation created in order to summerize the value grounds on which the Swedish authorities were to stand on. The delegation was led by Regeringskansliet, and fufilled its mission by seminars, and publications.

When the delegation in 2016 handed over their final report to Regeringskansliet their mission also ended. Something we here at though would be a real shame.

As a reaction against the fact that Värdegrundsdelegationen ended their work, we have made this site where we present information about the values of the Swedish state and the private organizations working in the country.

Besides this mission we have given ourselfs we also present information, news and other relevant cases where values and moral is in the spotlight. Since many of these questions in Sweden are reflected in the labor market, workers unions are often relevant in our work.

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Why work with values?

A common question, is why it is so important to work with values.

When you boil it down, the concept is constructed in order to clearly state which values are accepted within the organization. Even if this may sound very limiting, in reality it means that people that usually face discrimination or unjust treatment have a chanche to grow with the rest.

From a much larger view, the work with common values is essential for Sweden as a country, as we in many aspects are ahead when it comes to creating fair, just values.

Because of this, Värdegrundsdelegationens mission was important for Sweden, now more than ever, with a changing political climate worldwide.

Who is concerned with this work?

The work with values concerns all the citizens of Sweden in one way or another. The work done in the Goverment is reflected upon all authorities, which also reflects on the citizens.

Even in private organizations there is today a widespread work with values. Even if this work is completely voluntary, it is in many ways a important for the enterprise.