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The Swedish Government’s Council on Basic Values

The Council’s mission is to strengthen and improve the central government employees’ knowledge and respect for the state sector’s basic values.

These basic values are resumed in six principles: Democracy, Legality, Objectivity, Free formation of opinions and freedom of expression, Respect for equality, freedom and dignity and Efficiency and Service.

The Swedish Central Government (or State) Administration is organized in a delegated model which gives the heads of agencies an almost full responsibility for the management of the agencies resources – the employees included.

This delegated responsibility demands some complementary policy actions from the Government. The mission for the Council on Basic Values is such a complementary policy. The Government sees a need to reinforce the knowledge and the respect for the mentioned six principles throughout the whole government administration. The Council is organising a variety of activities such as national, regional or agency located seminars supported by written documentation and with a website. These activities will invite and support the agencies in their work to strengthen the knowledge of the shared and common basic values.

Three booklets have been translated into English.
1)  Common basic values for central government employees – a summary
2)  A Culture that counteracts corruption.
3) A guide to working with the central government basc values

The Council is appointed until the end of 2016.

From January 2017 The Swedish Agency for Public Management (Statskontoret) have the assignment to promote and coordinate the work for a good administrative culture.

Contact: Camilla Gjerde, Statskontoret, e-mail: , phone: +46 8 454 4721